Sustainability @ IPB

Our founding purpose is to safeguard and protect the interests of our Members. Our purpose
underpins our focus on sustainability and our Environmental, Social and Governance commitments.

Our Members, as public bodies, have a pivotal role to play in the decarbonisation transition. As their mutual insurer, we will support our Members and their communities during the transition. Our engagement with Members will focus on ensuring that IPB remains true to its purpose in protecting and safeguarding the interests of Members as they engage on their sustainability journey by providing them with the services they require to be successful in delivering their specific objectives.

IPB’s Sustainability Strategy 2023-2026 – read it here.

We are proud of our close-knit family culture and we welcome people who share a passion for our values to come work with us. Our employees are the foundation of our success, and we are lucky to have experienced, talented, and friendly colleagues who are the best in the business. We are proud of our mutual ethos and our culture which comes from 95 years of heritage, protecting our Local Authority, Educational and Training Board Members and Customers which makes IPB a unique organisation to be part of. We are headquartered in Dublin, located in one office in a vibrant Dockland community. Our people work on challenging and rewarding areas in an industry that has seen vast changes and are proud to be associated with a brand that has a strong iconic presence in the market.